High Temperature Insulated Wrap Tape for Pipe and Hose
Thermal Protection and Energy Saving

Excellent Boiler Steam Pipe & Hose Sleeve/Wrap
Custom fabricated insulated wrapping tape for pipe and hose protection: high temperature and cold temperature.

Excellent thermal protection and energy saving for boiler piping and steam pipe applications.

The outer cover is a silicone rubber coated fiberglass.

The insulation layer is either 1/4", 1/2" or 1" thick fiberglass.

An optional liner of ptfe coated fiberglass fabric provides additional protection of the insulation layer, especially useful if the tape will be removed and re-installed multiple times, or to prevent any of the insulation fibers from becoming free in the area of use.

Sewn with high temperature fiberglass thread.

A hook and loop fastener is added on the edges of the tape, allowing for easy closure.

May be installed longitudinally or spirally.

Supplied in 20 foot lengths. 

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Insulated Pipe and Hose Wrapping Tape for High Temerature and Cold Protection
Insulated Pipe and Hose Wrap for steam pipes and heater cords
High Temperature Heat Wrap Tape for Pipes and Hoses
Heat Wrap Tape for Hot and Cold Protection of Pipes and Hoses
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