Silicone Rubber Sponge Cord / Rope & Gasket Seal
High Temperature & Heat Resistant
392°F / 200°C

Our high temperatures silicone rubber sponge cord / rope is manufactured to exacting standards from our formulation of high-temperature silicone.

Most often used as a gasket/seal for water/steam/air and other fluids and liquids.  Can be formed into a continuous gasket by using our high strength/high temperature silicone gasket paste
     Suitable for continuous operation at temperatures from
      -60oF (-50oC) to 392oF (200oC)
     Intermittent use from -80oF (-62oC) to 450oF (232oC).

Density: 16lb per cu/ft
Excellent compression recovery
Tensile Strength:  65 Newton

Part Number
Silicone Rubber Sponge Cord Rope Gasket Seal
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T-FG-SA-19166 MIL I 19166 High Temperature Electrical Insulation Tape
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