Septic Tank Inlet Pipe Leak Repair Tape - Self Fusing Silicone Rubber
Septic Tank Inlet Pipe Repair Tape is a flexible silicone rubber sealing tape that allows for easy leak repair of pipe fittings that connect septic pipe sections.

Often older systems were joined together without pipe cement, or have become loose due to overfill weight shifting the piping.

Disassembling the fittings in an attempt to glue them is often difficult and messy.

By using the 1.5" wide pipe sealing tape at the fitting locations, most leaks can be effectively stopped.

The tape remains flexible allowing for small movements to be possible without further leaking.

One roll of tape will be plenty to overwrap approximately ten 4" pipe and fitting joints.

Makes a watertight seal instantly.
Septic Inlet Pipe Leak Repair Tape
·  Resists moisture, oxygen, UV, ozone and corona
·  Conforms smoothly around irregular forms
·  No adhesive or sticky residue like other tapes
Septic Tank Inlet Pipe Leak Repair Tape
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