375°F / 190°C Continuous Exposure

ScuffSleeveä  abrasion, wear, cut and puncture resistant sleeve for hoses and cables that are moved regularly or flex in operation or in vulnerable applications such as mobile construction equipment can be provided protection by using ScuffSleeveä.

This sleeve is fabricated from a tight and dense weave of nylon 6-6, that conforms to ISO 6945 and MSHA for blowout protection.

Can be cut with heavy duty shears or heat knife.

High wear resistant sleeve with 3500 abrasion cycle rating.
Abrasion Protection Sleeve for Hose, Cable & Wires
Heavy .045" Wall Thickness - Hi-Flex 3500 Abrasion Cycle
ScuffSleeve Hose & Cable Abrasion Sleeve
Part Number
nylon abrasion wear puncture cut resistant protection sleeve for wire cable hose
Nylon Abrasion Wear Blowout Cut Puncture Resistant Pro Sleeve wire cable hose
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