Kneeling Personnel Protection Pads
High Temperature , Heat & Flame Resistant
Custom Fabricated Protection Pads
High Temperature Heat Resistant Kneeling Pad
·   We can supply materials and fabrications to meet the
     following specifications and standards:
·   U.S. Coast Guard 164.009 (incombustible)
·   CAN/ULC S 102-M
·   UL 723
·   ANSI/FM 4950
·   MIL-I-24244
·   ASTM E-84
·   ASTM C-C795
·   ASTM E-136 (non combustible)
·   NFPA 701-1999
·   NFPA 255
Kneeling pads are used for personnel protection during operations where welding or heating may effect personnel.  Commonly used on vessel fabrication and repairs.

Fabricated from a variety of materials such as silicone coated fiberglass, plain fiberglass, silica, to suit the application and temperature range.

Quilted finish with insulation layer for optimum protection when working on hot surfaces.

Coated and Plain fabrics from 15oz/yd to 40oz/yd,

Heavy pads made from 50 and 98oz/yd material.

Custom pads: any shape and any size.

Brass or stainless grommets available along edges and corners in order to tie-off and secure. 
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Part Number FAB-KPI