Firesleeve Liquid Silicone Rubber End-Seal Dip
High Temperature Heat Resistant & Meets Mil-A-46146
FlameShieldä High Temperature Silicone Liquid End-Seal is a fast curing liquid silicone rubber which seals the end of sleeve, providing anti-wicking and anti-fraying protection.

Tack free in 40 minutes and cured in 12 hours at room temperature.

Available in 1 litre/pint widemouth jars or 1 gallon jugs; and larger pails or buckets.

Non corrosive and meets Mil-A-46146 as per NAVAIR 01-1A-20.

For an extensive selection of high temperature uncured silicone sealants, adhesives, gels, coatings, dips, paints and inks, please visit
High Temperature Firesleeve End Seal Dip and Paste
Firesleeve with Liquid End Dip Sealant
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