Stove Duct Seam Sealing Tape - Gas / Wood / Pellet / Biofuel Combustion
Duct sealing tape is used at the duct interface seams to provide a seal against escape of combustion gas - reducing the smell of combustion.

Available in Oxide-Red and Black - for use with ducting such as Simpson M&G DuraVent® and PelletVent® pipe.
Duct Seal Tape for Combustion Heating Devices
·  Resists moisture, oxygen, UV, ozone and corona
·  Conforms smoothly around irregular forms
·  No adhesive or sticky residue like other tapes
Part Number
Stove Pipe Duct Sealing Tape Simpson M&G DuraVent PelletVent
Duct Seam Sealing Tape for DuraVent PelletVent Simpson M&G
Simpson M&G DuraVent PelletVent Seam Sealing Tape
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