Pure Graphite Square Braided Rope / Packing:
High Temperature, Heat & Chemical Resistant 
Available in sizes from 0.062" through 1.5" OD. Applications for this product include as a packing and stuffing for sealing shafts on pumps, valves and marine drive shafts.
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Pure Graphite Square Braided Rope

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550°F / 287°C Continuous Rating

This high-temperature rope is heat & chemical resistant Graphite square braided rope offers the advantage of a non-asbestos material with a high temperature range and with excellent resistance to almost all solvents, caustics and acids.

Useable to 900F / 482C in normal air atmosphere; 1800F / 982C in steam or mild oxidization atmospheres/media and 5400F / 2982C in non-oxidizing atmospheres/media
Pure Graphite Square Braid Packing Stuffing Rope
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