Lead Foil Tape with Natural Rubber Adhesive
High Temperature, Heat & Flame Resistant
572°F / 300°C Continuous Rating
with Higher Intermittent

This high temperature lead foil tape is heat resistant.

Lead foil tapes are available in sizes from 1/4" through 40" wide, and in roll lengths of 36 yards / 108 feet.

This high temperature lead foil tape is .004" thickness with .0023" natural rubber adhesive.

The adhesive will smoke off at temperatures above 225°F / 107°C; the lead will melt at 620°F / 327°C.

Used for EMI protection, plating and paint masking, provides a non-permeable waterproof / vapour / air barrier.
High Temperature Lead Foil Tape
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high temperature heat resistant lead foil tape with rubber adhesive
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