Dual-Coat high temperature fabric is a high temperature, heat resistant dual coated (aluminum film one side - silicone rubber one side) fabric that  reflects radiant heat and is the perfect protection material for equipment covers such as cylinders bellows, that require a vapor barrier on the side opposite the heat reflecting side.

This heat reflective fabric reflects 95% or more of the radiant heat that contacts its surface.  Constructed from a high-temperature base fabric which is then coated with aluminum film or aluminum foil. 

Designed for long term continuous operation at 500F / 260C, this fabric will withstand short duration exposure up to 1115F / 600C and up to 3000F / 1650C for very short durations.

Aluminum Film Coated Fiberglass Radiant Heat Reflective Fabric
with Silicone Rubber Vapor Barrier

Aluminum Film One Side - Silicone Rubber One Side - High Temperature, Heat Resistant
Aluminum Film / Silicone Rubber Coated Radiant
Heat Reflective Fabric
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aluminum coated one side silicone rubber one side heat reflective fiberglass fabric
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