High Temperature Fabrication Supplies:
Thread, Hook & Loop, Fasteners, Sewing Machines
High Temperature, Heat and Flame Resistant Sewing Thread
Fiberglass, Kevlar, Nomex and Stainless Steel Thread

High Temperature, Heat and Flame Resistant Hook & Loop
High Temperature and Hook & Loop
Specialty Fasteners
Various Materials and Temperature Ranges
·   High temperature threads are required for all high
     temperature fabrication work.
·   Nomex thread has the lowest rating in the group,
     followed by Kevlar which has the best all-around
     performance.  Fiberglass thread has the highest
     temperature rating but does not withstand mechanical
     movement or flexing as well as Kevlar.
·   For the ultimate in temperature and flame resistance,
     metal threads offer the best performance, however
     they add electrical conductivity and can be difficult to
     work with.
·   Standard hook & loop fastener can be used in applications
     where the hook & loop is protected by the high
     temperature fabric, on the inside face.  For any external
     use or installations where the hook & loop will be subject
     to direct flame, or molten metal splash, then high
     temperature or nomex or stainless steel version
    should be used.
·   Various fasterns are available, such as
     grommets and lacing cord or wire,
     lacing hooks with wire or springs,
     metal snaps, etc
High Temperature Thread
High Temperature Hook & Loop Fastener
High temperature sewing threads
Hook and Loop for High Temperature Fabrications
Sewing Machines
Commercial full-size and portable
·   Single and dual-needle new commercial sewing machines. 
·   Lock stitch, for fabricating new or repairing high
     temperature fabrications.
Portable Sewing Machine
Commercial and Portable Sewing Machines

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