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ä SleeveSealä Liquid End Seal Dip Shelf Life Extender
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Part Number AB-SGD-1
liquid silicone rubber shelf life extender desiccant
Liquid silicone rubber shlef life extender desiccant pack
The shelf life of SleeveSealä uncured liquid silicone rubber end dip can be greatly extended by keeping the closed container of liquid silicone inside another airtight container or bag, along with a desiccant pack.   Since the liquid silicone is an RTV, removing or controlling the humidity and moisture in the air surrounding the RTV prevents it from curing.

The desiccant pack is regenerable, allowing it to be reused indefinitely.

Active desiccant is blue in color, and changes to pink as it absorbs moisture.

Regenerating the desiccant pack is easy accomplished in a conventional oven or with a microwave oven.

The moisture and humidity absorbing desiccant pack has many other uses such as keeping tools and instruments rust and corrosion free.
liquid silicone rubber desiccant shelf life extender