Abrasion Protection Sleeve for Wire, Cable and Hose Protection 

Brass / Copper Braided Sleeve
Stainless steel braided sleeve
Stainless steel mesh fabric
Abrasion Protection Brass Sleeve Wire Cable Hose Protection
stainless steel braided sleeve abrasion wear blowout protection wire cable hoses
304 Stainless Steel Braided Sleeve
stainless steel knitted mesh fabric
Stainless Steel Mesh
Brass and Tinned Copper Sleeve for wire, cable and hose protection
Stainless steel braided sleeve for wear and abrasion protection and for hydraulic hose blowout resistance
Stainless steel knit metal mesh fabric is used to support insulation materials in lagging systems but can be used to wrap lengths of wiring, cabling and hoses for abrasion protection.
Stainless Steel Abrasion Protection Solid Wall Flexible Sleeve
Stainless Steel Solid Wall Sleeve
Solid Stainless Steel Wall Flexible Sleeve
Provides unique protection of hose and cable, adds EMI/RFI protection.
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Stainless steel hollow knit sleeve
Stainless steel knit hollow sleeve for bulbs in tadpoles and wire, cable and hose protection
Stainless steel knitted mesh sleeve
304 Stainless Steel Hollow Sleeve
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Brass Sleeve
Tinned Copper Abrasion Protection Sleeve for Wire Cable Hose
Tinned Copper Braid