Glass Blowing & Handling Insulating Tapes Sleeves & Fabrics
Very High Temperature, Heat Resistant & Thermal Insulating Fiberglass Tape
1000°F / 537°C continuous rating, high insulation value & excellent personnel protection
·  Very High Temperature Fiberglass Tape products are used to protect a wide range of hoses, lines, tubes, wires and cables from high temperatures and flame.  Can be layered to provide additional protection and insulation value. A lower cost alternative to silicone rubber coated fiberglass (firesleeve).  Available with a PSA coating.  This tape provides thermal and electrical insulation, energy savings and personnel protection.
·  Knitted Tape is highly conformable and wraps easily and tightly around splices: conforms better than woven tape.
Very High Temperature Heat Fire and Flame Resistant Knitted Fiberglass Fibreglass Tape Ladder Tape Bolthole Tape
Knitted Fiberglass Tape

Extreme High-Temperature, Heat Resistant & Thermal Insulating Silica Tape
Silica protection products with 2300°F / 1260°C continuous rating
· Generally, Silica high-temperature products can be used to 2000°F / 1093°C continuously, and 2300°F / 1260°C for extended periods without degradation. It melts above 3000°F / 1648°C.
· available as a slit tape from fabric roll, and as a folded and stitched tape, and a woven tape.  This tape provides thermal and electrical insulation, energy savings and personnel protection.
Extreme Temperature and Heat Protection and Fire Flame Resistant Silica Tape
InSilMax Silica Tapes
Extreme +Plus High-Temperature Ceramic Tape
Ceramic protection products with 2300°F / 1260°C continuous rating
·  Made from a combination of SiO2 and AL2O3 fibers.  Same applications and uses as the Silica tape, but rated to higher continuous exposure.
·  An excellent replacement for asbestos materials.
·  Melts above 3000°F / 1648°C.  This tape provides thermal and electrical insulation, energy savings and personnel protection. 
Ceramic Fiber Tape

Ladder Tape & Bolt Hole Tape: High Temperature Fiberglass, Coated Fiberglass, Silica and Ceramic Tapes
500°F / 260°C continuous rating with weld splatter / molten metal splash protection
·   Made from pure silicone.
·   Used to seal the ends of firesleeve to prevent wicking of
     liquids such as water, oil, hydraulic fluid.
·   Contains no adhesive - self fuses to itself when stretched
     and over-wrapped.
Ladder Tape & Bolt Hole Tape
Materials that resist catching fire, burn slowly, or retard burning can be described as either "incombustible", "non-flammable", "non-combustible", "fire-resistant" or "fire-retardant".  "Self-extinguishing" materials cease burning once the flame or heat source is removed.  "Fireproof" is understood to mean that an object cannot burn, but few materials are truly fireproof. 

Most of our products fall within one or more of the above descriptions: they resist high temperature, flame, fire, molten metal splash and weld splatter very well but may melt with prolonged exposures past their designed maximum continuous operating temperature.  They can also provide OSHA, ANSI-FM & NFPA compliance and personnel protection.

Using our products to retain heat or cold within pipes, hoses, enclosures or equipment helps conserve energy and resources, and reduces operating costs.
AB Technology Group: Keeping Our World Cooler
ä.  All products are non-asbestos and 100% asbestos free