High Temperature Fabrics and High Temperature Tapes
with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
PSA, or Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, can be added to most tapes and fabrics.

The most common PSA is an acrylic based compound, which provides good adhesion at room temperatures and can be used up to 350°F / 176°C. Other PSA's include silicone based and natural rubber based.  Silicone has the highest useable temperature range, typically up to 425F.

The purpose of the PSA is to facilitate installation of the material.  Other methods should be used to attach the material onto the object for long term holding other than relying on the PSA (such as by the use of fasteners, clips, wire retainers, straps, etc.).

The PSA usually burns-off or vaporizes at temperatures at or above 375°F / 204°C, and therefore products with PSA should not be used in confined areas without adequate ventilation until all of the PSA has converted.

Products ordered with PSA are normally produced to order, and require production time which is normally 1 to 3 days.
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