Wire, Cable, Harness and Hose Overbraiding Service for Thermal and Abrasion Resistance Enhancement

Our in-house braiding capability and experience allows us to provide exceptional quality and a timely response to protect your wiring, cables and hoses with quality overbraid.

Available overbraid materials include e-fiberglass filament, Kevlar, Nomex, Nylon, PET, Polyester and Stainless wire.

Please provide a a description of your materials and sizing to allow us to provide an accurate quotation.
Part Number
Overbraid Service
red arrow MIL-I-19166 Mil Spec Electrical Insulation Tape Silicone Adhesive
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Overbraid service for wire cable and hose protection
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wire cable harness hose overbraiding service
wire cable harness hose overbraid service thermal protection
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Overbraid Service for wire cable and hose