High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) Spiral Wrap Wear & Abrasion Protection for Wires, Cables and Hydraulic Hoses
Abrasion Protection Spiral Wrap: TellTaleä
TellTaleTM  Spiral Wrap

This abrasion protection spiral wrap is manufactured from highly impact resistant high density polyethelene (HDPE) and is simply wrapped over hydraulic hose, wires or cable to provide tough protection for abrasion and wear protection.

This TellTale version of spiral wrap is made from a dual layer of colored polyethelene, providing a visual indication of wear and allowing proactive action to be taken before the wear affects the protected wire, cable or hose.

Available in sizes to wrap individual or bundled hoses and cables with a total ID of between 0.25" through 1.76 inches.

ä helps to organize and bundle hoses and cables, while proving heat resistance to a maximum of 175°F continuous duty, and provides excellent abrasion, scuff and wear protection and resistance  Also useable to -60F.

This abrasion protection wrap is commonly used on mobile equipment and robots, front end loaders, trucks, railcars, buses.
A MSHA mine approved version of spiral wrap is also available and is IC-271 approved.

Used to protect brake air lines, fuel lines, hydraulic lines on mobile hydraulic equipment.

Protects wires, cables and hoses from impact damage, crush damage, cuts and general abrasion from dragging on floors, or outdoors

The black top layer is 0.5mm (1/64") thick.  Utilizing a pin-on-disk tester at a surface pressure of 1.9 Mpa (275 psi), it would take 415 hours of wear or 620 miles (1000km) to show the underlying yellow layer.
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Spiral Wrap HDP Abrasion Wear Protection with wear indicator for Wire Cable Hose Protection
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Spiral Wrap HDPE Wire Cable Hose Abrasion Wear Protection with visual wear indication
Spiral Wrap HDPE Sleeve for Wire Cable Hose Abrasion Wear Protection with visual wear indication
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