Packaging / Handling / Shipping Fees

The following fees may apply to your order:

Handling Fees.  There are fees to cut materials to specific sizes or from bulk rolls or spools.  The fees range from $5.00 to $20.00 per item, or per line item, depending on the material and complexity.

Packaging Fees.  A box, packaging and tape fee may be applied and varies with the size of the box.  Small boxes are typically $4.00 and larger boxes for rolls of fabric or insulation may range up to $20.00.  Shipments requiring a pallet are assessed a pallet fee which includes the pallet and the shrink wrap/strapping.

Document Fees.  Fees for CofC's and Test Reports may apply.

Special Handing Fees.  Special handling fees may be applied for special circumstances, such as an after-hours shipment, or a delivery to courier depot or airport fee.

Fees may not always be listed on quotations but are normally listed on Sales Order Confirmations.

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