You can order this product by:

·  CREDIT CARD BY PHONE.  Call our order desk to place your order using a credit card (visa, Mastercard
    & American Express)  Credit Cards are processed through STRIPE for your security and are not stored
    by us.
Call the Order Desk at: (610) 906-3549

·  PURCHASE ORDER.  Issue a Purchase Order by fax or email. For purchase orders being paid with a
    Visa or MasterCard, you may include the complete cardnumber, expiry date, and name on the card on
    the PO. For  American Express cards please include your e-mail address only so we can send you
    an E-Invoice to complete. 
        Fax: 610-340-9054  or  Email:
                      If you do not have an already established account with our company
                      please also send us your standard trade credit reference sheet.

·  PayPal.  Call us or send us an email listing the items you wish to order.  We will send a PayPal Payment
    Request to your E-mail address.

·  Packaging Fees.  Cutting Room Fee.  There are a number of shipping fees that may be applicable
    to your order: they will be shown on your order confirmation.  Those fees may include a Box and Tape
    fee (from $3.00 to $13.00 depending on the size of the box), a Spool or Pallet fee, or a fee for
    special packaging such as for Graphite Sheet or for Hazardous Shipments.

    A Cutting Room Fee of $5.00 applies to all materials that are cut to length from bulk rolls or spools.

·  Shipping Methods and Charges.  We offer various shipping methods including UPS, FEDEX, USPS
    (United States Postal Service) and Truck Carrier.  All shipping costs are extra.  All shipments are sent
    uninsured by default - if you require insurance on your shipment please note such at time of ordering
    and a note will be added to the sales order confirmation.  All claims for damage or loss must be made
    with the carrier.  We are not responsible for lost or delayed shipments.
If you need product technical support or application support, for prompt service please email: