PTFE  Impregnated Fiberglass Fabrics - Anti-Static / Conductive

High Temperature, Heat Resistant & Chemical Resistant
550°F / 287°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent
PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric: .0090 inch & .0140 inch thickness

Anti-static ptfe coated fiberglass high temperature fabric
This high temperature, heat resistant and chemical resistant fabric is anti-static / conductive.  Suitable for sensitive electronics covers and conveyor systems that normally have static buildup.

Excellent resistance to almost all solvents, caustics and acids. 

This material is a black color.

The base fiberglass fabric is rated to 1000°F / 537°C, while the PTFE coating melting point is 620°F / 327°C.

Available in 2 weights / thicknesses, in roll widths of 36 to 39.5" in a roll length of 18 and 36 yards.  This fabric may be slit to any width to use as a narrow fabric or tape.

The PTFE resin is applied to the fabric in a hot process and under pressure, causing a total impregnation of the base fabric.  The surface of the resin is smooth and it takes considerable and aggressive force to scratch the ptfe surface to remove it from the fabric with fingernail scraping.
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PTFE coated fiberglass fabric anti-static conductive
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