High Temperature Precision Tadpole Tape: Heat & Flame Resistant and Thermal Insulating
High temperature tadpole tape: heat and flame resistant
High Temperature
Fiberglass Tadpole Gaskets
This high temperature, heat and flame resistant tadpole gasket is designed to provide a thermal seal in industrial, laboratory, commercial and residential ovens and dryers.

Fabricated from high quality type E fiberglass that will not burn and will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of 1000°F / 520°C.  The tadpole is made from a filament fiber, not texturized, which results in an extremely fine and smooth braid. 

The bulb of the tadpole may be filled with a variety of materials depending on the application; either fiberglass rope or stainless mesh rope, or stainless steel sleeve in order to achieve the desired compressability and push-back.  The bead of the tadpole seal may be left empty or filled as well.

This product resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents.  It is highly flexible and conformable.  The base fiber is manufactured to the specifications of ASTM D-578, ASTM committee D13, and subcommittee D13.18.
The gasket jacket is available in grey, dark grey and black.
Benefits of our High-Temperature Fiberglass Heat Protection Products

Fiberglass offers excellent heat resistance, retaining more than half of its room temperature tensile strength at 675°F / 357°C, and more than 25% at 875°F / 468°C.  It begins to soften at 1500°F / 815°C and melts near 2050°F / 1121°C. Non-combustible and excellent thermal conductivity to dissipate hot spots; high resistance to chemicals and unaffected by UV light.
Materials that resist catching fire, burn slowly, or retard burning can be described as either "incombustible", "non-flammable", "non-combustible", "fire-resistant" or "fire-retardant".  "Self-extinguishing" materials cease burning once the flame or heat source is removed.  "Fireproof" is understood to mean that an object cannot burn, but few materials are truly fireproof. 

Most of our products fall within one or more of the above descriptions: they resist high temperature, flame, fire, molten metal splash and weld splatter very well but may melt with prolonged exposures past their designed maximum continuous operating temperature.  They can also provide OSHA, ANSI-FM & NFPA compliance and personnel protection.

Using our products to retain heat or cold within pipes, hoses, enclosures or equipment helps conserve energy and resources, and reduces operating costs.
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ä.  All products are non-asbestos and 100% asbestos free