Protecting firetruck plastic air brake tubing lines from heat, fire &
flame exposure when working on wildland fires with FlameShield™ Firesleeve
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Air brake plastic tubing lines, connecting various critical components of the vehicle braking system, can render the engine disabled if damaged by high temperature and flame exposure from flames in fighting wildland fires.

These lines can be protected by sleeving them with FlameShield firesleeve.

Disconnecting the lines and sliding the protection sleeve over the lines, protecting all of the exposed plastic, and then reconnecting the fittings.

A retrofit version of the sleeve has a hook and loop closure, allowing installation without disconnecting the fittings.  This sleeve should have stainless clamps fitting along its length at regular intervals to keep the sleeve intact in case of flame exposure, as the hook and loop will fail before the sleeve will.

For vehicles with hydraulic brakes, the hoses can similarly be protected with the same sleeve, improving vehicle safety by preventing braking system failure.

Firetruck air brake plastic tubing line heat fire and flame protection sleeve
Type 3 Firetruck Engine Wildland Air Brake Line Fire Flame Protection
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