Simrit® Freudenberg NOK Equivalent MIL-I-22444 Controlled Elongation 
Self Fusing Electrical Insulating Silicone Rubber Tape
FlameShieldä  Simrit® Freudenberg NOK equivalent silicone rubber self-fusing tape meeting MIL-I-22444 and are used for a variety of critical electrical wiring and cable splicing and protection jobs.  Especially suited for aviation and marine environments, as well as outdoor weathering environments.

MIL-I-22444 tape is a supported tape, with a sinusoidal fiberglass reinforcement core which provides controlled elongation.

The tape has no adhesive, but sticks to itself (self-fuses or self amalgamating) when stretched and wrapped onto itself.  The tapes starts curing within minutes, and after several hours cannot be unwound or removed without using a sharp knife or blade.  This tape makes a waterproof, weatherproof and air tight protection.

These tapes may be either red or black.

This tape is also used to wrap hydraulic connections and to make vibration resistant bumpers and spacers for wiring, cable, hose, pipes and lines. This tape is used to wrap and hold insulation in place on hot air ducts.

SIMRIT is a registered trademark of Freudenberg NOK
Simrit Freudenberg NOK Electrical Insulting Silicone Rubber Tapes
·  Resists moisture, oxygen, UV, ozone and corona
·  Conforms smoothly around irregular forms
·  No adhesive or sticky residue like other tapes
Simrit Freudenberg NOK equivalent mil-i-46852 aa-59163 mil-i-22444 silicone rubber self-fusing tape
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simrit freudenberg NOK equivalent self-fusing silicone rubber tape
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Simrit Freudenberg NOK Equivalent Silicone Rubber Electrical Insulation Tape
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