Lacing Tape/Cord for wire, cable, hose, tubing bundling and organization:
A-A-52080 / A-A-52081 / A-A-52082 / A-A-52083 / A-A-52084 / MIL-T-43435
Nylon, Polyester (dacron), PTFE (teflon), Fiberglass and Meta-Aramid (Nomex)
Lacing tape/cord is used to bundle and organize wires, cables, hoses and tubing.

Available in Nylon®, Polyester (Dacron®), PTFE (Teflon®), Fiberglass and Nomex®.

These lacing tapes meet A-A-52080 Type I, A-A-52081 Type II, A-A-52082 Type III, A-A-52083 Type IV, A-A-52084 Type V and MIL-T-43435.
Lacing tape/cord for aviation, marine and industrial wire, cable, hose and tubing bundling and organization
Part Number
red arrow MIL-I-19166 Mil Spec Electrical Insulation Tape Silicone Adhesive
Lacing Tape for wire cable hose tubing bundling and organization catalog page
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Lacing Tape A-A-52080 A-A-52081 A-A-52082 A-A-52083 A-A-52084 MILT43435
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